West Drayton

Government Funding available for ALL 3 and 4 year olds as well as ALL eligible 2 year olds.

About West Drayton

Set in a purpose built community centre with a beautiful self contained garden, children can experience the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Smarty’s Nursery West Drayton offers a well resourced play area both inside and outdoors, giving children the opportunity to play and learn safely.

Nursery hours are between 8AM – 6PM daily, 50 weeks of the year, with a range of flexible sessions to suit each families needs.


Staff are extremely committed and experienced ensuring they are responsive to individual needs of each child. Staff have regular on going training including; up to date curriculum planning, First Aid, safeguarding children as well and other learning and development training.

Baby Room Opening, April 2020

Daily Routine

9am – 9.30am

Free Play
Children arrive and are encouraged to identify their name and post it in their key group box. They then have the opportunity to self select their chosen activity.

9.30am – 9.45am

Small Group Time
This is a time when children separate into age appropraite small groups and partake in an adult led planned activity. 

9.45am – 10.10am

Freeplay, outdoor/funroom
Children are given the opportunity to choose when, what and where they play with; making use of a free flow environment

10.10am – 10.20am

Tidy up time
Children tidy away their activities along with a tidy up song. They are encouraged to wipe the table for snack time

10.20am – 10.30am

Snack time
Children self select what they would like from a variety of healthy eating options. 

10.30am – 10.45am

Free Play
Children are free to choose an activity from the self selection drawers and cupboards. 

10.45am – 11am

Adult led activity/focus teaching
Children are separated into age and stage small groups for a planned activity.

11am – 11.30am

Outdoor play/fun room
Children play outside using a wide range of resources.

11.30am – 11.45am

Tidy up time
Children and staff work together to put away all the toys and equipment used during the session. This gives the children responsibility in looking after the resourcers  

11.45am – 12pm

Music/story time
Children have the opportunity to sing nursery rhymes and experiment with musical instruments. They also take turns to select a book for a member of staff to read. 

12pm – 1pm

Lunch time 

Children are encouraged to independently get their lunch boxes from the trolley. Staff sit and assist children when required. Children are encouraged to put their lunch boxes back on the trolley when they have finished. Children are allowed to leave the tables when they have finished and self select a quiet activity. A quiet area is set up for children to sleep should they require, sleeping bags and soft foam mats are provided by us.

1pm – 1.15pm

The afternoon is taken along with any discussion

1.15pm – 2.45pm

A repeat of the morning activities. These are done in a different order providing different learning opportunities 

2.45pm – 3pm

Story time/getting ready to go
The children wind down for a story and collect any work they wish to take home. 

Sample tea menu

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Crumpets with butter (ham and cheese optional)


Jacket potato with beans

Banana & custard

Chicken & cucumber sandwiches

Fresh Fruit

Vegetable soup with bread


Spaghetti hoops on toast

Angel delight

Ofsted Report

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