Smarty’s Nursery Hayes is set behind AFC Hayes, Kingshill Avenue in its own own purpose built nursery with two outdoor gardens. The front garden has soft flooring and the children are able to ride bikes and scooters. The back garden which has a secure with a  6 ft fence is grassed and children have a small climbing frame, Wendy house and a range of physical activities.

The nursery is a very warm environment and strides on the friendless and warmth they make the families feel.  All children and their families are treated with respect and all the child’s families needs are met.

Smarty’s Nursery Hayes prides itself on giving a wealth of  opportunities to the children, which include taking the children on lots of trips in our local area, whereby they access the local buses which always gives the children great enjoyment. We have recently been to: Harefield dog trust, Hillingdon fire station, library visits, soft play area, parks , Ruislip lido, Hanwell parkand with our main trip we go to Legoland at the end of school the year where all our children and parents meet to have a day together.

In July the children that are leaving to go to reception we pay for those children to go to our local swimming pool for a swimming lesson with 2 qualified instructors.

We also like to use our families and friends when we are doing our themes. We recently had a nurse come into the nursery to take all the children’s temperature and listen to their heart.